Tips and Advice for Future Light Fighters!

We talk to so many families year after year about what they can do to stand out, build their display, start an exterior display and ultimately, get the incredible once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to appear on an episode of

ABC’s The Great Christmas Light Fight!

​Please scroll down for some advice from the casting team. Our Christmas wish is that every family who wants to be on the show will get their time to shine, so here’s the best advice we can provide to help make that happen.

Let There Be LIGHTS!

It’s all in the name of the show, but we’re here to tell you, LIGHTS are the most important element we look for when considering a display. You can be creative with the type of lighting you use: LED, incandescent, projection, spotlights, fire, rope lighting, etc.

​The biggest thing you should be considering when designing your display is the “lights on” moment when the judge arrives at the home. You want to WOW them with brightness and dense lighting is the best way to do it.

Do Something Unique

We absolutely love it when we find a display with elements we’ve never seen before. Handmade items? A unique theme? A massive collection of reinvented antiques?

​The Great Christmas Light Fight is the longest running nationally televised Christmas competition so we are looking for the best of the best. If you stand out, we will notice you, so let your imagination fly and your heart guide the way!

Capture Video Footage

Some of you may not realize that our official casting session takes place in Summer time (and the selected families will shoot their episode over 2-3 days in November or December). If we don’t have any RECENT, HORIZONTAL footage of the display from Christmastime, it’s impossible for us to consider your display.

CLICK HERE for a document to give you some great tips on filming and PRESS PLAY to the left to watch a “suggested” shot list video.

Keep on Growing!

It’s no secret that we look for displays that are not your typical neighborhood lights. We love a display that has a truly passionate family behind it dedicating themselves to creating joy for others during the holiday season. Most of the participants we have on the show are hobbyists, have been decorating, collecting, buying and building for years. It doesn’t have to be expensive, but it will take effort to be on the show.

Taniya and Carter are the ones who will judge which family has the most outstanding design, unique creativity and use of lights… so get to work!

  • ​Find your local buy, sell trade groups on Facebook
  • Meet others who are passionate about Christmas and start building together
  • Shop garage sales or be on the lookout for someone retiring their display and selling everything off!
  • Ask friends, family, neighbors, etc. if they have any decorations they are willing to donate.
  • Shop the “Christmas in July” or “After Christmas” sales.