Welcome to The Great Christmas Light Fight 2017 submission page.

If you or someone you know has a unique Christmas Light Display, please click on the photo below to apply or to nominate someone else.





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Testimonials from Season 4 Contestants:

The crew have just been phenomenal!  At all times, they were so polite, gracious, and respectful! In summary, this whole experience has been great! Carter was just fantastic.  He is really a natural when it comes to dealing with people.  Win or lose, we were extremely happy to have had him for our judge.  -DP

No matter what the result of the competition, we already feel like we have won.  The reveal last night was absolutely amazing and to see all of our family, friends, and neighbors expressions when the lights came on was a memory we will never forget.  All of the hard work over the last year  – from that phone call with Kristen to meeting Chris in Chicago to last night with the entire crew on-site with Carter – it really came together, and we ALL created something special. -EJ

We were just totally impressed with our whole experience from the initial call to when you guys left our driveway last night. With or without a trophy it is a win for the Pugh family and our military community. Thank you for bringing our story to the public and our home will always be open to anyone associated with the GCLF. -CP

There are truly no words that can describe how incredible our experience with the Great Christmas Light Fight was.  We where treated with the utmost respect from the moment we where selected as participants all the way until our last day of filming. The whole crew, producers, director, camera, sound and everyone involved where so great to work with, acted with such professionalism and where very respectful of our property.  We where slightly nervous going into it, not knowing what to expect or getting lost for words, but the whole time everyone was right there by our side helping us along, greatly exceeding our expectations.  By the end of our last day of filming, the whole crew felt like part of our family and we where honestly sad to see them go. -RC